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Are you a business or an individual who wants to set up an online store? At WebNavic, I can provide eCommerce website design and development for you. Ecommerce websites designed by me feature Wix Studio's eCommerce functionality that enables quick and straightforward design and development without involving expensive coding or the use of third-party plugins.

The eCommerce functionality enables you to:

1. Add the products you wish to sell.
2. Categorise the products under various headings.
3. Integrate your website with Facebook or Google for inventory syncing.
4. Handle checkout and payments. Shopping cart is included, and the system integrates with Stripe and PayPal.
5. Handle shipping zones.
6. Automatic tax calculation.
7. Setup and design email integration with the eCommerce system.

eCommerce Pricing:

An eCommerce website starts at approximately $5000 excluding GST and includes the following pages: Home, about, contact us, a products page, checkout page functionality and an order confirmation page. As each eCommerce store is tailored to your individual business requirements and what you are planning to sell, please contact me to discuss your requirements and obtain a free quote.

If you are interested in my eCommerce service, please contact me by clicking on the button below.

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