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WebNavic provides Webflow website design and development solutions. Whether you are an individual who wants a website to promote yourself or a business owner who wants to promote your business, increase your sales or attract more customers, WebNavic has a website design and development solution for you.

When you engage WebNavic you can be assured that your website will look professional, functional and creative and meet current website design and development standards. WebNavic will take care of everything from the initial wireframing to the design, development and the final go live.

The following are included as part of a standard web design and development service:

1. Design and development of a website using Wix Studio as the development platform (single page or multiple pages).
2. Responsive website design making the website appear great across a wide range of mobile devices and tablets.
3. Domain name registration and setup to work with your website. If you already have a domain WebNavic can set it up to work with the website.
4. Search engine optimisation (SEO) on Google and Bing.
5. Google Analytics integration.
6. Social Media integration.
7. Google Maps integration (if required).

WebNavic recommends a standard web design and development service that is suitable for most individuals and small businesses and at a minimum includes the following pages:

1. Home page
2. About Us
3. Contact Us

Additional pages can be included if you require them. For example, you may want to display profiles of your staff.


The following pricing information is intended to be a ballpark indication of how much a website will cost. WebNavic will aim to price your website according to your needs and budget and will always ensure the price given is competitive.

1. Web design and development service with 3 pages (home, about, contact us) is approximately $2000 excluding GST.
2. Web design and development service with 5 pages is approximately $3000 excluding GST.
3. Web design and development service with more than 5 pages and with complex functionality - contact us for pricing information and WebNavic will provide you with a free competitive quote.

The following items will incur additional costs. WebNavic will discuss with you before additional charges are invoiced:

1. Cost of obtaining any images and fonts to be used in the website design and development.
2. Domain registration. WebNavic uses accredited domain registrars to register your domain.

Email Accounts:

WebNavic highly recommends that you setup an e-mail address for use with your website. WebNavic recommends Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 for all our clients. For a small cost you can get a personalised e-mail address, cloud storage, calendar, video conferencing and much more.

The following is what to expect when you initially engage WebNavic for your website design and development project:

1. WebNavic will schedule an initial discovery session to ascertain your requirements for the website we are about to build for you.
2. We will then provide you with a project proposal that provides the cost of the various phases of the project, the total cost, a timeline describing the phases of the project and how long they are expected to take and the terms and conditions that apply for the project.
3. A quotation for the work will also be sent. The project will commence upon acceptance of the quotation and payment of the deposit.
4. You will be kept informed as to the progress of the project and WebNavic will ensure that you are involved during the design, development and go live phases of the project.

If you are interested in engaging WebNavic for your website design and development project, please contact us.

Website Design & Development
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